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Beginning with the initial design, CAD/CAM systems are employed to convert customer electronic files and 3D models into machining programs that can produce components to the most precise and demanding specification.

The latest milling technology is employed by the use of multiple, palletized machining centers including high-speed graphite machining.

To ensure maximum precision, Armin can rely on their expansive jig grinding department to produce exact duplicate and interchangeable components utilizing CNC controlled equipment with both point to point and continuous path capabilities.

EDM has become an integral part of mold construction and Armin has invested heavily in CNC controlled sinker and wire EDM equipment and technology. Technology and equipment are crucial to success but it is the people who ultimately control the process and produce a quality product. The people at Armin are supported in their efforts by the world class equipment available, continuous training and a company-wide philosophy of manufacturing ethics that embraces the principals of quality, delivery and integrity.

Additional services provided by Armin Tool following the completion of tooling projects include sampling, 1st article inspections of the piece parts produced and steel certification of the molding details.

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Industry/Market Focous

Caps and Closures
Consumer Products


Application Focus

High Cavitation, Tight Tolerance, and Two Shot Injection Molds

Industry Associations

American Mold Builders Association
National Tooling & Machining Association

TMA-Tooling and Manufacturing Association

Preferred Drawing Submission

Unigraphix or Step

Quality Assurance


Real Time Statistical Process Control is available by personal computer at the machine or the operator workstation. The systems monitor press cycle for pressures, temperatures & times. Control limits, CpK's and capability analysis is available.

- Coordinate Toolmaker's Microscope. Equipped with zoom lens, camera, cross-hair generator and utilization of the Metronics, QC 4000 Software.

- Optical Comparator with edge sensor.

- Metronics Quadra-Chek and QC4000 Software for linear dimensions, geometric interpretation and pictorial part reproduction.

- Endoscopic Video Microscope to 100X magnification, equipped with photo and digital reproduction capabilities.

- Brown & Sharpe Micro Height Gage.

- Baush & Lomb Stereo Microscope for visual inspection.

- Mycrona, Signum Optical, Laser & Touch Probe Sensors

- Optical Gaging Products (OGP) Smartscope Flash, Model 200

All standard inspection functions are performed utilizing standard measuring equipment and custom designed gauging.

Product Labeling is performed using "Label Matrix" and a Zebra 105S Thermal Transfer Printer, and a computerized label package with bar code capabilities.

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